What is glowzap?

Glowzap is a social news and content posting site where you can discover what’s new and popular on the web. To begin posting, voting and commenting is easy and free. Just sign up with any email, create a username and password and begin posting and voting immediately! You can always verify your email later.D on’t let this stop you from posting right away.

Can anyone submit a link?
Yes. Once you create a log-in and password you are free to submit a link.

How is a link’’s score determined?
It is determined by how many upvotes or “glows” you earn.

I made a mistake in my links title, how can I edit it?
You cannot edit it, so please be careful when you select and type in a title!

What is that number next to usernames? And what is karma?
We call those “glowpoints”. Users earn them as you get upvotes or glows on your posts determined by other users.

Why should I try to accumulate karma?
It is such an honor for users to rank your link. Your link will “glow amongst the other links!

What can I do to get my links noticed?
It’s important that you share your link to other social media sites so that others have an opportunity to vote.Making sure that the link is submitted to the appropriate category is also very important.A catchy title is also essential into catching other users’ attention.

Is glowzap available in languages other than English?
Glowzap will be international very soon!

I want to change my username. Do I have to start a new account?

Is posting personal information ok?
Privacy is very important and is essential into making Glowzap a great experience for users. See the http://glowzap.com/legal page for more information.

Is posting political campaign information ok?
That is fine, but as a warning, if it looks spammy, it will be downvoted.

Which staff member should I write to if I have a problem or question?
Write John at john@glowzap.com


How is a link’s score determined?
It is determined by the same online measurement that our home page uses.

Individual Categories

What are Categories?
It is determined by the same online measurement that our home page uses.

What are Categories?
Glowzap uses categories determined by you. Feel free to add new ones at anytime!

How can I find and subscribe to categories?
Click the category name.From there you will be subscribed to that category.

How many categories can I subscribe to?
As many as you want!

Do any categories have their own FAQs?
That is coming soon.


Are there moderators?
Not at this time, but they are coming soon.

Spam, Cheating, and the Like

Is it okay to create multiple accounts?
We prefer you to use one name per IP address, but you can certainly sign up another username.

What is the "report" button?
The report button is there to inform Glowzap about spam and duplicate links.

What happens when something gets reported?
Reports will be looked at by site moderators and handled accordingly.

What constitutes cheating?
Anything that involved inflating votes, multiple accounts and posting spammy links.

What constitutes cheating?
Spam is any link or content that is posted for the sole purpose of indiscriminately marketing a product and/or service without permission..

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